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Omaha Residential Group and its team lead Tyler Bundy are ranked in the top 40 of over 3,000 agents in the Omaha Metro area. We can in some cases pay up to $5,000 in buyers closing costs and have an adjustable commission schedule. We offer a communication Guarantee and have a guarantee sale program... Lastly we offer a 1 Day Listing agreement... So no long-term contracts

If your looking for an agent that will get the job done Give us a call there is no commitment or obligation to do anything what-so-ever.

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Cinnamon Creek Neighborhood in Omaha Nebraska

Cinnamon Creek Neighborhood is located on the south east corner of  180th and Q St.The Average price point as of 2022 is $385,000It consists of mostly 2 stories comprising of 4 bedroom and 3

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Pro's and Con's of a Split Level Home

Pro's and Con's of a Split Level HomeCheck out the Video on My Channel HereSo you probably by now have heard people say” Oh… I live in a split level…. I bought a split level.

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The Cost of living in Omaha Nebraska

THE COST OF LIVING IN OMAHA NEBRASKACHICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO·        Omaha Nebraska is one of the most affordable places to live in the entire country.

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Escalation Clause... This is a NO BRAINER to use when writing an offer.

Watch the full video here.... Read the transcripts belowDo you bite your nails? if you have ever tried to buy a home you probably dug in deep into those nails or at the very least had the urge to do

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